Source code for raincloudy.controller

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""RainCloud Controller."""

import raincloudy
from raincloudy.faucet import RainCloudyFaucet
from raincloudy.const import SETUP_ENDPOINT
from raincloudy.helpers import find_controller_or_faucet_name

[docs]class RainCloudyController(): """RainCloudy Controller object.""" def __init__(self, parent, controller_id, index, faucets=None): """ Initialize RainCloudy Controller object. :param parent: RainCloudy parent object :param controller_id: Control Unit ID :param valve_id: Value Unit ID assigned controller :type parent: RainCloudy object :type controller_id: string :type valve_id: string :return: RainCloudyController object :rtype: RainCloudyController object """ self.attributes = {} self._parent = parent self.home = parent.html['home'] self._controller_id = controller_id self.index = index self._verify_parent() # faucets associated with controller self._faucets = [] # load assigned faucets self._assign_faucets(faucets) # populate controller attributes self.update() def _verify_parent(self): """Verify parent type.""" if not isinstance(self._parent, raincloudy.core.RainCloudy): raise TypeError("Invalid parent object.") def _assign_faucets(self, faucets): """Assign RainCloudyFaucet objects to self._faucets.""" if not faucets: raise TypeError("Controller does not have a faucet assigned.") for index, faucet in enumerate(faucets): self._faucets.append( RainCloudyFaucet( self._parent, self, faucet['serial'], index, faucet['zones'] )) def __repr__(self): """Object representation.""" try: return "<{0}: {1}>".format(self.__class__.__name__, except AttributeError: return "<{0}: {1}>".format(self.__class__.__name__,
[docs] def update(self): """ Call 1 method to update zone attributes """ # update zone attributes for faucet in self._faucets: faucet.update()
@property def serial(self): """Return controller id.""" return self._controller_id # pylint: disable=invalid-name @property def id(self): """Return controller id.""" return self.serial @property def name(self): """Return controller name.""" return \ find_controller_or_faucet_name(self._parent.html['home'], 'controller', self.index) @name.setter def name(self, value): """Set a new name to controller.""" data = { 'select_controller': self.index, '_set_controller_name': 'Set Name', 'controller_name': value, }, url=SETUP_ENDPOINT, referer=SETUP_ENDPOINT) @property def status(self): """Return controller status.""" return self.attributes['controller_status'] @property def current_time(self): """Return controller current time.""" return self.attributes['current_time'] @property def faucets(self): """Show current linked faucet.""" if hasattr(self, '_faucets'): return self._faucets raise AttributeError("There are no faucets assigned.")
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